April Nugent Nugget: McKenzie Grenfell

26 Mar

McKenzie has been recognized by her peers as April’s Nugent Nugget (Employee of the Month)!

DSC_0010 McKenzie

Q&A with McKenzie

1. What type of characteristics/habits do you believe are necessary to be a successful ASA employee?

I think the most important characteristic that anyone working at ASA has to have is a genuine care and interest in helping students. I try to take an interest not just in my students’ academic success, but also their personal, professional, and emotional growth as well. I view them as an entire person and not just as a B-deficit, which is a common tool we use here in PASS. Beyond caring about my students, I think that effective and professional communication, time-management, and an extensive knowledge of campus resources, policies, and procedures are key characteristics of the best ASA employees. When you combine these practical skills with a care for each individual student, you can have a lot of success at your job.

2.  How has working in ASA helped you become a better student and/or person in general?

My job at ASA entirely transformed my college experience. Before working here, I wasn’t involved on campus and had really struggled personally with my transition from high school to college. My job at PASS introduced me to people who have the same values, motivation, and commitment as I do. I have met some of my best friends of college while working here and have become connected to campus in a way that I wasn’t before. My job at ASA is by far the most important and meaningful thing I have done as a Wildcat and I am grateful every day to work at a place with such amazing people. My coworkers have made me a better person by motivating and encouraging me, listening to me whenever I am facing challenges or frustrations, and helping me better shape my future plans and goals. I also find myself encouraged by my students as I witness their success and become motivated by their drive and desire to grow. There is nothing more rewarding than to work in a place where you are surrounded by great people who challenge you to be better at the same time as getting to help students and give back to the university.

3. What does receiving this distinction mean to you?

Being nominated for the Nugent Nugget was such a pleasant surprise! I’m really honored that my coworkers thought of me. So thanks, guys, you all are the best!


“McKenzie has worked with PASS for a year and a half now and her passion for her students and job is unsurpassed. She is kind and encouraging to all of her coworkers. She really goes above and beyond with PASS and has taken on a leadership role in our program. As a returner, McKenzie has set a great example for the Peer Advisors hired both last fall and this Spring.” -Hannah McCurdy

“McKenzie has exemplified leadership within the PASS Family. She has gone above and beyond by creating a PASS Family Building committee which focuses on the team building within the PASS Program. She has delegated tasks within the committee to help others build skills themselves from the committee. She always incorporates a fun aspect during our 7:45am staff meetings. She also is very helpful when a fellow PASS PA needs help in an area of advising a student. Along with her friendliness, she has a good work ethnic and a genuine care for the entire staff and students she works with. Her leadership is apparent to the entire staff because she always reaches to go above and beyond.” -Rochyl Windham

“McKenzie genuinely cares for her students and her coworkers. In PASS she is the leader of the PASS Family Building Committee which promotes community among the staff. She always goes above and beyond what is expected of her, and she is always taking on extra tasks in the office to help others. On top of all the great work she does in PASS she is also extremely involved in extracurricular activities. She is very involved in her church, with her professors, study abroad and so much more. Despite being so busy McKenzie comes to work with a great attitude at all times, always wanting to serve others and continually looks out for the well being of her coworkers. She is a light in the PASS office, as well as the Nugent Building.” -Michelle Galambos


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