Keep Moving Forward!

27 Mar

I don’t know about anyone else, but spring semester is always the hardest one for me. With fall semester, I start out so energized and ready to learn, but spring just seems to drag on and on. Unfortunately, spring semester is pretty important so I have had to find ways to keep energized and strong until summer break arrives. Here are three ways I have come up with to keep my scholastic energy flowing:

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Changing something up

This semester I decided to change my hair color. I know that it might not seem like much, but it really helps me. It kind of gave me a new start. Now that there are only 7 weeks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) left until summer, I needed a little oomph, and dyeing my hair was just what I needed to push me to exceed.


Reorganize notes 

This one is not quite as fun as dyeing hair, but after I hit the halfway mark I feel the need to reorganize. Going through my notes and refreshing myself on the material I learned in the previous 8 weeks is really helpful. I am able to recall things that, let’s face it, I forgot over spring break. I am also able to see where I can improve on note taking and studying.


Become more active

I know that as a college student, you often feel like you can’t afford to do all the things you want to do. That might be true, but there are plenty of free options too! The most important thing to remember is to get out and not just study. Yes, I know studying is very important, but it will drive you INSANE without proper breaks. Go outside and look at the stars, go hiking one day, or go for a swim at Campus Rec!


After everything, just remember that it will be summer soon and it will all be worth it!



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