#AdventurousApril: Adulthood!

11 Apr

The hills are alive… with the sound of adventure! As the end of the semester draws nearer, the realization that I am done with my college career becomes more and more clear. I have a mere few weeks left in college!!


This is going to be an adventure like no other! I’ve traveled to other countries, I’ve been on frightening roller coasters, I’ve held a 4 foot snake around my neck. Yet none of these experiences have made me as nervous and as excited as graduation!


There is no way to explain the combination of excitement and nervousness I have surrounding this adventure. Maybe 50/50? Maybe 60% nervousness and 40% excitement? Who knows.

Think of it this way… since my first day of kindergarten when I was 5 years old until now (so a total of 17 years), I have been going to school. Now in just a few weeks, I will be completely done with school. Crazy!

Annnnd to add to the craziness, I will also be (hopefully) beginning a new career soon after I graduate. And possibly moving to another city to begin said career!


While there are a lot of factors surrounding this transition that are making me nervous, there are also some things that are making me excited about this adventure.

First of all, even though it is going to be a strange feeling not being in school every day, it is going to be so nice not having to worry about homework, papers, and exams. Also, I won’t have to worry about my mom calling me asking me how my grades are. I won’t have to worry about grades in general! I will also  (hopefully) be making enough money to live without a roommate!

Basically, this April has been (and will continue to be) like no other April I’ve  experienced! With graduation and jobs and all this change coming just around the corner, who knows what my life will look like after these next couple months! *Fingers Crossed!*


– Elysia

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