#AdventurousApril: Skating Away from the Past

13 Apr

I’ll have you know, I used to be a pro roller skater in my prime. I worked for Sonic during high school and a requirement for that job was the ability to skate. I was probably one of the best skaters, not going to lie.


One day as I was taking out an order, I tripped over a tiny pebble and everything after that was a complete disaster. I fell on my behind, spilled all the drinks and ice-cream over me, and fell once again as I was trying to get back up. I felt completely humiliated!




The only good thing I can take away from this experience is that I got a pretty hefty tip because the customer felt sorry for me.


After my humiliating moment at Sonic, I never skated again. For #AdventurousApril, I found a nearby rollerskating rink called Skate Country and decided to give it another try.


At first, I was pretty nervous and scared to fall and hurt my behind again, but the night went by pretty smoothly. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it again and to gain some speed but, nevertheless, I did it!


Moral of the story, just because it didn’t work out in the past doesn’t mean it won’t be a success in your future.

– Becky

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