#AdventurousApril: Pho Time

15 Apr

For my Adventurous April I ate shrimp pho.  I know that doesn’t sound very “adventurous” but the fact that I completely despise seafood made it a pretty crazy endeavor for me. I don’t know why I hate seafood so much, I use to like tuna as a kid but it disgusts me now.  I don’t even think it’s because of the taste.  For some reason I just have a  subconscious hatred of seafood.  Eating the shrimp pho did not change that. It was disgusting and I still hate seafood.

This is me when the shrimp pho arrived at the table.  (As you can see, my boyfriend doesn’t have the best camera skills since he cut off most of my forehead.)


This is my favorite part of pho – all of the herbs and bean sprouts!  They usually serve the pho with basil leaves, parsley, jalapeños, limes, and bean sprouts. Adding it all in really gives pho its unique taste, however it did not cover up the taste of shrimp unfortunately.


Basically what happened was I took one bite of shrimp, found it disgusting, then gave my bowl to my boyfriend.  But hey, at least I tried it.


For those of you who haven’t tried Vietnamese food before, I highly recommend going to Miss Saigon on Campbell. Pho is one of those rare dishes that’s low calorie but still full of flavor!

– Kaelyn

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