Adventurous April: Road biking

16 Apr

Last weekend I had one goal: to successfully travel through traffic on my bike for the first time. Now this may seem trivial for some, but as a rather clumsy person who fears driving in traffic in general, it is quite an accomplishment.


Honestly, I never desired to use my bicycle anywhere except for the sidewalk and isolated bike paths in parks, but I was highly encouraged by my boyfriend, an adventurous cyclist. We decided to bike downhill traveling in the bike lane from my apartment on the west side of Tucson to the University of Arizona. He said this was not a very strenuous ride since it is slightly downhill, and it would help me get used to biking alongside moving vehicle traffic. In any case, I was still petrified that I would get hit by a car.


During the entire experience, he rode at a safe distance behind me. The bike ride took approximately thirty minutes with stop signs, stop lights, and other traffic. Though I was completely terrified the entire time, I can finally say that I’ve used my bike in the busy road! I also got quite a bit of exercise in by doing so!




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