#AdventurousApril: Spring Fling Bravery

17 Apr

Something most of my friends know about me is that I do not enjoy roller coasters or rides in general. I get scared very easily, but am working on stepping outside of my comfort zone. My mom doesn’t like heights and my dad doesn’t like rides that spin. My parents visited me for Spring Fling (see picture below with the awesome Spring Fling Snapchat filter), and we challenged ourselves to try the things we typically avoid.


Thank goodness we went during the day–even though it was so hot–because the ride prices doubled that night! Rides were generally around 6-7 tickets, and I forced myself to go on 4. The picture below is me and my mom on the ferris wheel, that creaked and sped up and made you feel like you were falling as you went around it. It made our stomachs drop, our palms sweat, and some funny comments and sounds come out of us. But, we survived! we were very happy when we made it back to the ground, alive. It was beautiful to see the UA campus from such a high view.


My dad and I rode a spinning circle ride. He had his eyes closed the entire time. I have a video of me asking “Dad, are you having fun?” and him responding “Nope, not at all.” But we completed our challenge! We got ourselves out of our comfort zones and experienced something new. That night, I went back to Spring Fling to support my Family Studies Ambassadors group selling deep fried twinkles, snickers, and oreos (see picture below). Spring Fling was definitely a success, I was very blessed to have my parents come down and attend it with me, and it helped make my senior year even more memorable.



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