Getting Excited for the Fall

24 Apr

As this semester comes to a close, it is time to look to the future and get excited! ASA Peer Mentors wanted to share their excitement by talking about the classes they are looking forward to the most in the upcoming semester.

Erika – My senior year is finally here, and I am thrilled to finally be taking a full semester of classes that interest me. Taking nothing but major classes would be wonderful, but also nerve-racking, which is why I am taking American Sign Language 3. Being a year out of practice will be painful at first, but more than worth it in the long run. Sign Language has always fascinated me, and I am delighted to continue learning it.

Kaelyn – Public Health is awesome! I’m looking forward to all my public health classes. I’m mostly excited for Drugs & Society, Intro to Epidemiology, and Human Sexuality. I suppose I’m slightly excited for PSIO 202 and biochem….but not really because I just feel stressed about those classes.

Leylah – I’m so pumped to take Business French! It shows how far I’ve come in my major and will give me great knowledge about tackling the Francophone business world.

Erica – I am so excited for my physiology courses, including The Physiology of Aging and Ethics in Physiology! Along with these classes, I’ll be taking some fun honors classes and Abnormal Psychology which sounds so interesting to me!

Laura – Next semester will be a little (or a lot) busy. Between Physics, O-Chem, and Calc II, it might seem hard to get excited. While these classes may seem difficult, I am really excited for the new challenge. I also cannot wait to take Health Care in the US! Get excited Wildcats!

Christine – I am really excited for my Greek 201 class because I will finally be able to read in Ancient Greek! It is nice to know that the hard work I put in to learning the basics will finally pay off next year.

Rebecca – I am nervous yet excited for next semester because I recently declared Care, Health, and Society as my major and will be taking all CHS classes! 

Maddie – Next semester I will be taking a Sports and Society course (SOC 302) which I’m so excited for! The course explores the impact sports have on society and pop culture so it basically sums up my interests into one fantastic class!

Finals are almost here, and it can be stressful trying to juggle all of the responsibilities that demand your attention, but don’t forget to look forward to the good things to come. Fall will be here soon enough, so take sometime to get pumped!



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