Registration Follow-Up: Now What?

25 Apr

Even after three years, I will never stop being upset over having to wake up at 6:00 on a Monday morning to register for classes. The only thing that makes that experience worse is when you don’t even get all of the classes you want, or worse, the classed you need.


The first time I registered for courses, I only got two of the six that I wanted. I panicked. Well, first I went back to bed. But, then I panicked when I woke up. I’m here to tell you not to panic! Here’s some things you can do, instead:

1. Remember That Registration is a Whole Week


…And then remember that it extends even beyond that. Classes close pretty quickly on Monday morning, especially gen eds. As the week goes on, though, people start dropping classes and rearranging their schedules. Keep checking UAccess throughout the week to see if a seat opens up in the class. People start swapping classes most during the Monday and Tuesday of registration week. So, I’m usually constantly refreshing my shopping cart during those days.

2. Check Back Later

Just because registration week is over doesn’t mean your schedule is final. Registration opens up again for everyone this week. Remember to check back throughout the next few weeks and into summer to find an open seat. Just be aware that freshman orientation sessions might prevent you from registering during certain points during the summer. Check back even as late as the first week of school! This is when students go to the first day of class and realize that the course isn’t for them or it doesn’t work out with their schedule.

3. Ask the Professor


If all else fails, you can ask the professor. Even if the class is full, professors may make an exception and allow you to enroll. Just go to the first day of class and bring an add/drop form and talk to them after class. Hint: It’s always a good idea to show the professor that you’re interested in the course and why you’re interested.

4. Talk to Your Academic Advisor

If you can’t enroll in a course that you need to take, talk to your academic advisor. They may be able to pull some strings or find another course that can replace the requirement. Although, keep in mind that they are not always able to help you. But sometimes they can work some magic.

5. Look for Other Courses

I’m sorry to say this, but sometimes you just need to look for another class. Some gen ed courses are extremely popular and are nearly impossible to get into. If you’ve tried everything you can think of and just can’t seem to have any luck, it’s probably time to look into taking an alternative course.

Don’t forget that you want to stay enrolled in at least 12 units at all times during your search, so even if you load up on classes you’re planning to swap out later, register for all your units! Tuition billing and financial aid disbursement might get held up if you’re not registered as a full time student when the processing starts. Good luck on your hunt for classes!


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