#AdventurousApril: The Wonderful World of Reading

29 Apr

As an introvert, I enjoy doing things that are quiet and relaxing, such as reading. For my Adventurous April, I set out to read a book a week, for a total of 5 books. My inspiration for this was Supernatural. The Winchesters have a long family history of hunting, and like we saw in this episode, they have a long history of being Men of Letters. The Men of Letters are a group of people who study the supernatural, but do not enter into the field much, which describes me well.

henrySince the main theme of this month was adventure, I chose books that were fantastical. I started with The Hunger Games Trilogy, which are the books I will talk about in this blog. I have been a big fan of this series since I saw the first movie a few years ago. Reading the books after first seeing the movies helped me to better appreciate the writing even more than if I read the books first. I have done this a few times, and I always appreciate having some knowledge before going into a book. The Hunger Games Trilogy is by far my favorite series at the moment.


In the first book, one of the most heartbreaking moment is when Rue dies and Katniss sings to her. I think they did a really good job at portraying her death in the movie. It was a turning point in the book, when Katniss is reminded of the cruelty of the Capitol and gains the strength to keep fighting.


As the series goes on, the events become more and more destructive. Again and again, we see Katniss lose everything because of the Capitol. Every citizen in Panem suffers, which is why so many rally behind Katniss to incite the rebellion. I have always been on the side of Peeta. He is one of the strongest, yet underrated characters. I was elated to see how the books showed Katniss and Peeta’s relationship develop into something more than allies.



Somehow, Mockingjay was even more devastating than the first two books. In a way, Mockingjay is both my favorite and least favorite in the series because it was able to break my heart, put it back together, and break it again. An example of this is when we get to see Finnick and Annie reunited, just to follow it up with Peeta trying to kill Katniss. I hated it, but I loved it.



Reading The Hunger Games Trilogy was one of the best decision I could have made this April. There are many parallels between Katniss’s struggle against the Capitol, and my struggle to push through to finals. Reading has always been a way for me to escape this mundane world. I encourage you to escape with me and take up reading!

-Erika Lerma


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