May Nugent Nugget: Michelle Galambos

30 Apr

Michelle has been recognized by her peers as May’s Nugent Nugget (Employee of the Month)!

DSC_0011 Michele

Q&A with Michelle

1. What type of characteristics/habits do you believe are necessary to be a successful ASA employee?

I think the most important characteristics of an ASA employee is that they are capable of supporting a student-centered environment. In this environment, employees should provide constant encouragement to their students but also their coworkers. ASA employees are a part of a team, and we all work together to make students’ lives better on campus. I believe that successful ASA employees lead by example in their work life as well as their academic life. ASA employees have the ability to look at a student, throw any preconceived judgments out the window, and take the student for who they are and not for what labels were placed on them.

2.  How has working in ASA helped you become a better student and/or person in general?

Working for PASS has had a huge role in my life. PASS began 3 years ago and it has been fun for me to see it grow over the years. I am a better person because of working with PASS. I am more compassionate and understanding. I am less judgmental and more aware of issues that students face in college. I have learned to take what life throws at me and make the best of it. I became a better leader. I worked harder in my academics because I wanted to have more knowledge to share with my students. PASS is a second family to me, and it has had a huge role in shaping me to be the woman I am today. I found my passion in life by working with PASS and I am so grateful.

3. What does receiving this distinction mean to you?

This distinction is VERY special to me, and I am humbled that I was nominated. I started as a Peer Advisor in PASS 3 years ago, 2 years ago I became Student Coordinator and now I am graduating. It’s very hard for me to leave the Nugent basement and PASS. Receiving this distinction makes me believe that my time here was meaningful. That in some way I might have made a difference in people’s lives. I am so grateful for everyone who works in ASA. Thank you for the last three years and for this distinction. The Nugent basement will always hold a special place in my heart!


Michelle is one of the most hardworking and dedicated employees in our department. She has spent three years working at PASS, but she has also been involved in other ASA programs such as New Start. So many people have become involved with ASA because of her mentoring and care. Many of her New Start students have become employees of PASS or have become New Start PAs themselves. All of them speak so highly of her and cite her as the reason why they are still in college, how they figured out that they like working with students, and how they got their job in ASA. Michelle is an irreplaceable member of PASS because she has been with us since the beginning on the program. She has helped us change and grow into the program we are now and everyone is so sad that she’s graduating because she is such an integral part of our PASS family. With her genuine care for students, expertise on university policy, extensive knowledge of resources, and amazing interpersonal skills, Michelle completely embodies everything that an ASA employee should be. As Student Coordinator, she serves as an amazing peer leader and mentor to our PASS PAs. Everyone knows they can come and talk to her and receive amazing support. Michelle is the reason I have become so connected and attached to my job in ASA and I will truly miss her next year. However, she is going to continue her amazing work of impacting students’ lives through the Master’s in Higher Education program here at UA and through her graduate assistantship that will be helping athletes with their classes. Michelle is one of the best employees we have in ASA and she truly deserves this honor before she leaves! -McKenzie Grenfell

During my two years at PASS I could not have asked for a better colleague than Michelle. She is extremely intelligent, hard-working, reliable, and takes the initiative to put ideas into action. She has excellent inter-personal relationship skills and has a wealth of knowledge about the resources, organizational structure, and policies of the University of Arizona. She is a great role model to others and I am proud to nominate her for the Nugent Nugget title! -Maya Bernadett

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