Practicing healthy habits during finals!

1 May

Caution: Finals are closer than they appear!



Finals week is a hectic moment in a student’s life when everyday habits such as eating, sleeping, and staying hydrated are forgotten because studying has now become the #1 priority. Someone once told me that in order to live a successful life, one must always be in balance. The key to doing well on finals and remaining healthy and sane is to balance out your schedule.

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Here are three easy steps:

1. Eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner each and every day!

– Pack snacks such as baby carrots, granola bars, trail mix, fruit, goldfish, the possibilities are endless! It’s important to eating because glucose (that is found in your food) is what gives the brain energy. If you stop eating, then your brain gets tired, and you can’t retain any of the information you’re studying.
healthy breakfast foods
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2. Set a schedule of how many hours per day you will study.

– It’s not beneficial to study for over 8 hours straight if you aren’t taking breaks in between. I like to tell students to set a max of 3 hours of study time, a 20-30 minute break, and then resume studying for another 3 hours.



*Don’t be like Spongebob!


3. Sleep!

– I have heard of student’s who only sleep 3 hours before an exam or even worse don’t sleep at all before an exam! Don’t do this!


In order for you to be mentally prepared for an exam you have to rest the night before. Our brain’s is one of the only 2 organs in our body that never stops operating. It is constantly operating all day and night for the rest of our lives! While we sleep, it is still operating but we are giving it the opportunity to rest. I like to think of it as a track runner; throughout the day it is sprinting to it’s fullest potential and at night it is jogging casually.



If you follow these three easy steps, I can guarantee that you will come out of each final with flying colors!

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Good luck Wildcats!



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