The Time I Forgot to Eat During Finals…

1 May

I’m sure hearing all this talk about finals, last homework assignments, and exams have you like “Okay I get it, THANKS!” Now let’s take a moment to and ask ourselves, “how am I going to get through these last few weeks?” Start with the basics. Sometimes when we get too ahead of ourselves we might “pull a Maddie” and forget just one minor detail… eating!

 Johnny Depp

It all started with a plan… a plan that was so exciting at first but then crashed and burned due to late night visits to the Cellar, and UA Mart’s ice cream. I was down to my last few dollars on my meal plan when finals came around during my second semester. By last few dollars I mean about $2.50. Luckily, it was my last week of exams and I had a decent supply of oatmeal and peanut butter in my dorm. Breakfast? Oatmeal. Lunch? Oatmeal with Peanut Butter. Dinner? Free Starbucks coffee and some peanut butter. Don’t judge, peanut butter with oatmeal is surprisingly tasty!Peanut Butter  Now by the middle of the week my body was running off of caffeine and you already know, oatmeal. I had a few books left over that I planned on selling online instead of back to the book store. I guess you can say I was pretty stubborn at the time.

Then of course, it hit me. I was putting so much pressure on myself that I didn’t realize how ridiculous I was being.

It wasn’t until my friends Stephen and Sydney said, “Whoa, Maddie, you look awful. Have you even showered today?”

For the record, I did shower, thank you very much! Then I went to over my mirror to see what they were talking about. The bags under my eyes looked like they just got back from Forever 21. My skin and lips were pale, and don’t even let me get started on my hair. 

Needless to say I was really going off the deep end. I got myself together, went over to sell back my books and saved that money to indulge in a huge omelette at Cactus Grill the morning before my two most important finals. It all sounds great but with the way I was treating my body prior to that, I immediately felt sick. The worst part was feeling nauseous during my last two finals of the semester.

Lesson learned! So, no matter what your circumstances are, make sure to take care of yourself first! Taking care of yourself is a no brainer to most of you right? Consider this, if you’ve pushed yourself to the point where you can’t even think straight or rationally then it’s time to stop and breathe! Listen to your body, and schedule time to step back from the books and into a state of relaxation.

P.S. I still put peanut butter in my oatmeal every once in awhile…

Until next time,



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