#MightyMay: Summoning Summer

3 May

May is here.

May is finally here!

And do you know what that means?

The semester is coming to an end! (This can either be really exciting or depressing news.)

Now is the time for you, the student, to wrap up your semester, finish strong, and enjoy your last days of the Spring 2015 semester!

summer animated GIF

Because isn’t that what summer is all about? Summer is meant to be a time of enjoyment! A time to appreciate all of the the water, sun, nature; all of the good times you had during the school year, all of the bad times you had during the school year.

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself. Summer is a time to celebrate. Summer is a time to be you.

So use this month of May to celebrate your future and all of the many awesome events that your summer will consist of!

Whether it be filled with looking for a job, summer classes, work, relaxation, or travel, make your summer one to remember.

summer animated GIF

Because Summer time is smiling time.

I cannot tell you how many times throughout the school year, I’ve wished it were summer. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve let my mind wander off during a lecture (I don’t recommend this, by the way), and have let myself fantasize about summertime and a time when things seem somewhat easier. Summer is inevitable. We all look forward to it.

This May, I’ve decided to focus on successfully wrapping up my school year. I want to finish off strong and happy. It’s very difficult for us as students to look forward into our future and relish in what is to come. Many times we are consumed by the present, what we have to accomplish during the day or week; we forget why we are all here in the first place: for our future. Every single student currently roaming the UA campus has one same goal in mind: future success. Whether you focus on finding success in dancing, in biology, in engineering, or in politics; we all are looking forward to success. So be proud of the semester you’ve just finished. You’re almost there! You’re one step closer to your goal.

Use this summer break as a time of reflection, relaxation, reinvention.

Focus on becoming the student and person you want to be this next semester.

summer animated GIF

Whether we can’t wait to have some time off, or can’t wait to start that new job, or can’t wait to travel; we all have something to look forward to for summer. Although it is currently May, and summer is not here yet, it is very good to start planning and acknowledging of the many mighty reasons to CELEBRATE this summer.

Don’t forget to Bear Down.


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