#MightyMay: One Final Adventure

4 May

For the month of May the staff has been tasked to “do something over-the-top to celebrate!”

I am graduating in no time at all and that will be the most over-the-top this I will be doing this month, but a single celebration isn’t enough… here is where my adventure begins.  

What is more over the top (in the MOST perfect way) than a 3-day trip to Disneyland? 
The answer to the questions is NOTHING!

A few weeks ago, 2 of my best friends from high school told me to clear my schedule, they were going to take me on my last vacation before the dreaded day*  (*a.k.a. graduation). 

We ended up at the Happiest Place on Earth. 

Spending 3 full, exhausting, hilarious, and exhilarating days with two of the people I care most about was amazing.
For those 3 days I wore a “Just Graduating” button, which wasn’t 100% true but it was they closest thing they had. I was congratulated by EVERYONE. I felt popular and proud of all that I have accomplished so far. 



A week after the dreaded day* (*a.k.a. graduation) I have been given the opportunity to jump on a plane and spend 10 weeks in India. I am going there for a real reason, but I will also be using that time as a celebration of the last four years before I have to get back a join the real world workforce.




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