#MightyMay: Family Reunion!

7 May

In order to kick back and relax after a long and stressful semester, I am planning to do two of my favorite things all wrapped into one: traveling and spending time with my family!


June 1st-7th, my immediate family (mom and three brothers) and I will be traveling to visit a bunch of family on my mom’s side, some of which I have never met before! The family on my mom’s side that I do know, however, I obviously love, so I’m sure meeting all these new family members will be an absolute blast!


There are a few different stops on this reunion trip. First, we will spend two nights in none other than New Orleans! We are going to  spend one of those nights on Bourbon Street, eating great food, seeing great sights, and catching-up in the most fun way possible!


After the first few days of shenanigans, we will all be traveling to Missouri for more reunion fun! While in Missouri, we are planning on going to Silver Dollar City, which is an old-timey amusement park that includes rides, mining stations, and a mini petting zoo!


After that, we are just going to hang out for a few days in Missouri with family and friends doing and talking about whatever. I am really excited to do all this traveling with my mom and brothers, but I am honestly nervous about meeting family members that I have never met before! What if I don’t like them?! What if I have an awful time?! I mean… the family members I have met are all amazing, so I would imagine the ones I haven’t met are amazing too! I just hope that I am right!!!



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