#MightyMay: Becoming a Cupcake Master

7 May

At the end of each semester, I usually reward myself with a long night of binge watching. Sometimes it’s Supernatural, sometimes it’s One Tree Hill, and sometimes it’s movies from the ’80s (Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, etc.). I decided to do something a little different this year. Because I have really gotten into baking over the past year, I decided to try to make cupcakes from scratch-including the frosting.

bakingThough I enjoy baking, I do not partake in eating the sweets. This made my coworkers were very pleased to hear that I wanted to bake, because it meant that they would have plenty of sweets to eat at our end-of-the-year celebration.


Choosing what cupcakes to make was no easy task, my cookbook had dozens of options. I ended up baking a dozen Banana Walnut cupcakes, and a dozen Raspberry Swirl cupcakes. The Raspberry Swirl cupcakes were my cheat batch because the batter came from a box, but the frosting was all me. This is the one that I started with to build up my confidence. Putting everything together was fairly easy, I just worried that they would not look and taste very good at the end.

yayFrom the picture, it is clear that they are some pretty attractive cupcakes. While they were baking, I started on the Banana Walnut batch. These ones were a bit more difficult and time consuming. Mashing the banana was fun, but a little frustrating since it kept slipping underneath the fork I was using. Since the recipe said to fill the containers halfway, they did not look as pretty and full as the raspberry ones, but they tasted amazing (yes, I caved and had one).


Making the frosting and decorating the cupcakes was my favorite part. I had never attempted to make frosting before, so I was surprised by how easy it was. The Banana Walnut cupcakes were frosted using a cream cheese frosting, and the Raspberry Swirl were topped with vanilla frosting.

IMAG0169There is something very therapeutic about frosting cupcakes. It takes concentration and discipline to make the layer even and attractive. This was one of the best baking experiences I’ve ever had. The cupcakes looked good, they tasted amazing, and all of my coworkers were so pleased. I’m glad I chose this activity to celebrate the end of this school year. It went so well, that I am planning on doing it more often.

-Erika Lerma


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