How to Successfully Study for Science Finals

8 May

As a physiology Senior, I have taken my fair share of science exams, especially finals! From my three years of experience, I have here a list of tips for you students on how to successfully prepare for your science exams!

(These apply to chemistry, biology, physiology, etc.)

-Go over all past exam questions. Typically professors put old exam questions on the final exam! If you go over old exam questions, these will be easy points for you!

-Look at past in-class quizzes, clicker questions, and online quiz questions. Similarly, professors re-use quiz and clicker questions as well!

-Understand all the key concepts in the course. During finals, I’ve noticed professors want to see you understand the key concepts rather than the minor details. Don’t get bogged down in details (unless the professor explicitly says so)!

-Go over all study guides that are posted.

-Attend preceptor and professor review sessions. During these sessions, preceptors and professors often give away some tips and hints!

-Form study groups and come prepared with questions to ask your group mates!

-Utilize the resources at the library, such as the private study rooms. Reserve a study room at

-Erica Shroff

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