#MightyMay: Cele-Baking

8 May

So ends another year (yaaaaaay), and you know what that means? It’s time to celebrate!!! But what to do to celebrate? For my celebration of the end of this school year, Erika and I decided we would bake cupcakes!


For those of you who do not enjoy baking, this might not sound like fun, but both Erika and myself love to bake so this was perfect for us! Erika had just gotten a new cook book, so each of us picked two cupcake flavors; I chose mocha chocolate and peanut butter chocolate. We decided we would bake them for our work party so the morning of the party we got together at Erika’s apartment (at 7:30 am) and started baking.


Things actually went a lot smoother than I thought they would go, our only real problem was that Erika did not have any measuring spoons, and I forgot mine at home, so a lot of our measurements were estimated, but the cupcakes turned out pretty well.


Baking was a nice change from the constant studying I have been doing on my weekends, and although I did spend the rest of my weekend studying this project gave me the little boost I needed to finish my year off strong.




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