Ready, Set, Go Do Something!

17 Jul

Summer is almost gone.

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My summer has been slow, to be honest.

Well, not super slow. But not super fast, either.

The idea of summer is like an illusion to me, its an unfulfilled fantasy that I can’t stop thinking about for 10 months out of the year. It’s the edge of the horizon that is slowly approaching until it arrives.

Summer arrived, summer is here, summer is almost gone.

What have YOU done about it?

What’s most upsetting about summer is that you hardly ever take advantage of it.

Instead of fulfilling all of those ideas, goals, adventures you had planned out for summer, you usually just mope around, as if waiting for summer to end.

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I don’t want to regret this summer, I don’t want to see this summer as a missed opportunity. Once the semester starts, all of this extra time that I’ve spent on Netflix, napping, or shopping online will be gone. AND IT’S BACK TO REALITY.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have accomplished SOME goals this summer: continuing work as a Peer Mentor for the Office of Academic Success & Achievement, auditioning for American Idol, starting a YouTube channel, attending a National Convention for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

But there are more things I would like to do this summer.

I would like to be enrolled in an acting class, a vocal training a class, a photography tutorial course, continue filming YouTube videos to upload to my channel, apply for scholarships, maybe even take a dance class.

It’s hard, to work during a break. Part of me thinks I should indulge in a long-awaited, hard-earned vacation; another part of me knows that college is all about hard work, even during breaks.

So what am I to do? How do I compromise both?

I think the best way to be productive during this summer is to just start.

I need to go for it.

Get something done.

I’m ready, I’m set, I just gotta go.


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