Why We Chose the University of Arizona

17 Jul


Hi, my name is Darius Amos and I am a peer mentor for the BDSB program. Choosing the University of Arizona was one of the toughest, yet best decisions I’ve ever made. My first tour of the campus, I had such a great experience. It was an experience that no other college that I visited could ever match. From the moment I walked from the Student Union through the mall, and down University Boulevard, I knew that this was the right college for me. I can’t explain the best feeling that I get every time I walk across campus.



Hi, my name is Shuvonno Islam and I am one of the new peer mentors for the BDSB program here at the University of Arizona. One of the main reasons I chose the U of A is because of the location. Growing up in Phoenix, I always knew I wanted to attend school in-state; however, I also knew I did not want to be too close to my parents. Additionally, I ended up being awarded a great scholarship, which ultimately sealed the deal. On top of that, I took multiple tours of the campus in high school and completely fell in love with the campus.



Hello first year Wildcats! My name is Codi and I’m going to be one of your peer mentors this summer. I made the U of A my home because of the financial assistance I received to make college a reality and not just a dream!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 9.57.49 AM


Hello my name is Vanessa Galarza. You know the phrase “there is no money”? I heard it all my life. I also heard that I was a minority. I never even took the time to ask what it meant because I knew it meant that I was at a disadvantage. I was accepted into all three universities in Arizona, but before submitting my applications, I had already chosen the U of A. It brought tears to my eyes the day it was possible for me to prove the world wrong. I am a WILDCAT and I will not back down.



Welcome to the U of A! My name is Erika Lerma and I am a senior here at the university. In high school, my teachers organized three university tours. The first was a tour of Northern Arizona University, and it was amazing. The campus was beautiful, many of the buildings were new, everyone was welcoming, and it was a completely different environment. I decided that NAU was my top choice. The next trip was to the University of Arizona. The moment I stepped off the school bus, my world shifted into place. There are very few moments in my life when everything goes silent, and this warmth spreads through me – comforting me and reassuring me that I am exactly where I should be. This was one of those moments. I knew instantly that the U of A was my home. Being in my fourth year of college, I can’t recall what I learned on the tour,  who led it, or where I went. My choosing the U of A and feeling connected to it from the moment I stepped foot on campus wasn’t something shaped by anyone. No one could do that for me, the University did that for me.


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