10 ‘Need to Know’ Places on Campus

22 Jul


  1. Administration (“Admin”) Building: The Admin Building is located next to the Student Union and the Modern Languages Building. Because it is in the center of campus, it’s usually one of the easiest buildings to spot! Many of our top administrators have office in this building, but most students visit this building for the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). So if you have any financial aid questions, you will want to know where this building is!


  1. Bursar’s Office (“Bursar’s”): The Bursar’s Office is located in the University Services Building behind the CVS on University Boulevard and is adjacent to the Marriott Hotel. The Bursar’s office is where you can pay your tuition charges, book charges (if you used Bursar to buy your books), bookstore items, etc. Fees and charges are reflected on your UAccess account. Many students never need to visit in person (you can pay your Bursar’s balances online through UAccess), but it’s good to know just in case you need to pop by in person!

The Bursar’s Office is in the University Services Building, located next to the Marriott Hotel.

  1. The Student Union Memorial Center (“Union” or “SUMC”): The Union is the heart of the University of Arizona’s campus. It houses many of the food options (including Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Burger King, Papa John’s, The Cellar, Cactus Grill, and many more options!) on campus. Additionally, this is where you can find resources for your meal plan, Career Services, The Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA), and LGBTQ Affairs, among other resources. This is where you will also find the bookstore, Fast Copy & Design, the post office on campus, and a bank. The Union is very popular, crowded, and vibrant. It is the bustling “hot spot” on campus as students are able to eat, rest, study, and take care of personal errands.

Student Union Roundabout

  1. Highland Market (“Highland”): The Highland Market is a food market located on the corner of Sixth and Highland, next to El Portal and across from the Rec Center. It is the other “hot spot’ for students here at the University of Arizona as it is centrally located for students who live in residence halls along Highland, and most importantly because it is the only market/food place on campus that stays open late (until 2am during the academic year!). You can easily can grab late night snacks after a study session at the library.

k5 Highland Market is famous for their breakfast burritos!

  1. The Recreation Center (“The Rec”): Hands down, The Rec is the go to place before classes, in between classes, and after classes. It is the well-known gym for us Wildcats. The Rec offers many group classes such as yoga, zumba, kickboxing, etc., as well as personal training options. In addition, the Rec provides a pool, basketball courts, club sports, outdoor adventures,  intramural sports, and even a spa. It is always busy, so you will want to get there early to find your favorite equipment! While some of the extras are fee based, all Wildcats have access to The Rec Center’s equipment and pools.



  1. Old Main & The Mall: Did you know that Old Main was where the university first began in 1891 with only 32 students enrolled? Now it houses the Office of the President and the Office of Admissions. The long patch of grass that runs from Old Main all the way to Campbell Ave is called the Mall. It’s always beautiful and green! This is also where student organizations like to table, so be on the lookout for opportunities for involvement!


  1. Campus Health: Feeling ill? Don’t really know what is wrong? Go check out Campus Health! They offer a variety of health services, including Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS). They have their own pharmacy and a travel immunizations clinic! Even if you don’t need medical attention, Campus Health offers a variety of resources on their website and in person to help you stay healthy during college. Free Condom Friday is always a hit! Campus health can Bursar your visit and any charges so you will not have to pay right away. Additionally, all services and medications from the pharmacy come up as general health services – so if someone else is paying the bill, they don’t see every detail of your medical experience at Campus Health. This place can assist with almost any medical need that you have!


  1. Parking & Transportation Services (PTS): Parking is one of the most frequent questions that freshmen find themselves asking. If you are planning to drive this year, you will want to visit Parking & Transportation Services to get set up with a parking permit. It’s much cheaper to pay for the whole year up front than to pay up to $10 per day if you don’t get a parking permit! There are many options for parking on campus, so make sure to visit the PTS office to get all of your questions answered. PTS also offers other forms of transportation, including the CatTran, Zipcar Car Sharing, and even resources for cyclists.


  1. Meal Plan Office: You gotta eat! The Meal Plan Office is located on the lower level of the SUMC, across from the Wells Fargo bank and right next to the post office. Stop by if you have questions about meal plan options and rates!


  1. The Bookstore: Finally, the bookstore! The bookstore has a lower level that is filled with textbooks for your classes. But the bookstore also has plenty to offer besides textbooks. This is where you can go to get all of your U of A gear and show your Wildcat spirit! The bookstore has technology available for purchase, often with discounts you won’t get at other stores. And the cherry on top of an already fantastic place is the Starbucks inside!


-Khadra & Vanessa

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