Academics in Wonderland: Starting Your Second Year Right

30 Jul

So your first year has been over for a while now, and while it may have seemed like it would never end; it did. Everyone had different experiences: some flourished academically while others struggled more than they thought they would, but either way it is over.

Alice 8

That’s not to say you’re off the hook especially since the Fall Semester is coming up! For me, my second year was a lot easier than my first; not because my classes were any easier but because I knew the pace and the effort I had to put in. Looking back on it, I have noticed a few things I did differently that positively affected my academic performance.

Alice 4

1) I got a job

Believe it or not, this actually helped me. I had to reorganize my time because I did not have those extra 15 hours of free time anymore. Sure there were times when I became a little overwhelmed with taking as many credits as I did and working, but in the end I figured out how to balance everything.

Alice 6

2) I found a planning system that worked for me

Planners work for some people, but they really just don’t work for me. I have to have a larger picture of what I need to do to help me organize. That is why I started buying desk planners; you might recognize these from your teacher’s desk in high school. Basically they are very large monthly planners that allow me to write out my assignment and test dates at the beginning of the semester. I put it up on my wall and mark the days off as the assignments are completed. This really helped me stay on track of everything from the beginning of the semester.

Alice 5

3) Two words for you: OFFICE HOURS

I know you have been hearing these words since you came to college, but that is because they work!!! I also understand that sometimes your professor’s office hours take place while you are in class or while you have work, but if you take the initiative to talk to your professor, they might be willing to set up a different time for you to meet. At the very least, they will know you are trying. It also would not hurt to get to know at least one person in all of your classes. If you can’t make it to office hours, maybe see if this lovely person could go for you and get your question answered.

Alice 1

I know that college is about more than academics, but academics are a huge part so try your best!

Alice 7



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