Volunteering in Tucson

30 Jul


One way you can make the most out of your college experience is to volunteer. Whichever field of study you are in, there are always volunteer opportunities available that suit your wants and needs. There are many benefits to volunteering: you can help the community at large, boost your resume, improve your interpersonal skills, etc. It can also be used to try new experiences that you never thought you would be able to. With these experience under your belt, you can find what you are really passionate about and want to pursue as a career. I know volunteering has been a crucial part of my college experience and has shaped me into who I am today.

Since I am a premed student and hoping to attend medical school, I volunteer at Banner University Medical Center. I am currently a volunteer transporter, so my role is to transport patients and various items around the hospital. This allows me to have first-hand experience working in a hospital. I get to work in the environment, have staff and patient interactions, observe patient treatments, and so much more. Not only am I getting great first-hand experiences, but I also get to meet medical staff and network for future purposes. Through my volunteer experience, I found that medicine is truly my passion and what I want to pursue. I know that I am comfortable in a hospital setting and that I would be suitable to work there in the future. Volunteering has helped me reaffirm my purpose in college and my love and motivation during my time here.

Now you know the many benefits of volunteering in college, the only question is how do you find volunteer opportunities. There are many opportunities to volunteer near and around the University of Arizona. You can find these opportunities in many ways such as: personal connections and networks, online research, email lists through your academic department, physical postings, etc. You can also check out the following website to find additional opportunities: http://volunteer.unitedwaytucson.org/. Here you can see the opportunities available around Tucson and filter down to your specific interests. Volunteering has done so much for my college experience and I hope it does the same for yours. Find what you’re passionate about and volunteer!


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