I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

7 Aug

From my high school, only two other people came to the U of A. One was in my grade level, and the other was one year older than me. If you have read the first week experience blog, you probably learned that I was miserable my first week here. Rachel, the girl that was a year older than me, invited me to the first football game. Not having anyone else to go with, I agreed to go with her. That afternoon we met in the Student Union to grab something to eat before heading to the stadium.

As soon as I met up with her I could tell she was not the least bit interested in hanging out with me. She informed me that her other friends were going to meet up with us so we could all go to the game together. Once we were done eating we began walking to the stadium. We swiped our CatCards in to get into the game, and we waited by the concession stands for Rachel’s friends. After about twenty minutes or so of waiting, a girl who lived in my dorm named Mackenzie spotted me asked what I was doing and if I needed people to sit with. A little embarrassed I told her that I was with a girl from my high school, and that I was fine. Even though I felt completely uncomfortable. Mackenzie then gave me her cell phone number and told me if I changed my mind to call her and I could sit with her.

I had seen Mackenzie before in the hallway of my dorm, but I thought she was very different from me and I never tried to engage in conversations with her. In the meantime, after about an hour of waiting and the game already starting Rachel told me she would be right back after she went to the bathroom. After a few minutes I realized Rachel was not coming back. She had ditched me and left me standing there all alone.

All week I had been super sad and just looking for a reason to drop out and move back to my hometown. I had contemplated crying and leaving, but I got it together and made a courageous move to call Mackenzie. When I called her she met me at the bottom of the ZonaZoo section and took me up to where she was sitting with other girls from my dorm. For someone I never saw myself being friends with, we had an awful lot in common.

Before I knew it she became one of my best friends. The next day we were going to get our nails done, and weeks later we were taking road trips to Phoenix together. All semester we were inseparable, doing something together everyday from dinner dates, eyebrow waxes, shopping, Life in Color, or just watching movies together in the dorm.

I will always be thankful that Mackenzie saved me at that horrific football game. And I am thankful I made such a good friend to help me survive my first semester of college. My best advice to all of you is to be open to all kinds of people. Do not judge anyone or think you have nothing in common with someone until you get to know them – just go out there and make friends!



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