6 Tips On How to Prepare for College

11 Aug

This blog is one of those things that you actually want to pay attention to. I mean, no one ever wants to start college on the wrong foot, right? We’ve got your back, so read these awesome, life-saving tips on how to mentally prepare yourself to thrive in college.

Get Organized and Try Not to Procrastinate
We all know that in high school we could get away with writing papers last minute or finishing a couple chapters of reading here and there just in time for the pop quiz… but let me tell you, high school and college are completely different. Instructors are not as lenient and they definitely follow the syllabus. So make sure you hold on to that – it’s important! Desire2Learn (D2L) will be your best friend, I promise you that. It is an online portal where professors can post assignments for the entire semester and expect you to be prepared and meet all the deadlines. To be fully organized, I would invest in an organizer, an app, big wall calendar, etc. anything that reminds you and helps you stay on top of your work.

Go To Class
This probably sounds like the silliest tip but trust me going to class will save you from chaos at the end of the semester. Unlike high school, many of your college classes won’t take attendance and that can make going to class seem kind of unnecessary. But it’s so important! There will be a million reasons why you won’t want to show up to class. Trust me I’ve been there. Some of the excuses are “the professor posts everything online, I’ll look at it later.” This is one of the sayings I hear the most and my advice is go to class so you don’t waste that time going through it later, because you won’t. Not until the first exam or paper is looming over you. TIME MANAGEMENT! Don’t waste your time doing things you could have learned directly from your professor in class. Another common reason why students don’t show up to class is because of the time of the class. If you’re  not a morning person, don’t get an 8am class that you’ll never make it to. Planning your schedule according to your preferences is very important. So, if you want a smooth sailin’ semester, GO TO CLASS!

Find How You Study Best
Sometimes I would find myself studying for hours on end and it would not be effective at all. Finding how you study best is very useful to make the most out of your time and have efficient study sessions. Some people like to study in groups, some like to study at home, some like to study with music, some like to highlight the textbook, etc. Personally I like to study alone, aided with study music, at the library, going over notes I took by hand. I have found that this is what works best for me. So find out what works for you and study hard! 

Get Some Sleep
Sleep may become a last priority when you have a million other things to do. Work, class, studying, social life, working out, the list of things to do every day can go on forever. However, you need to find time to make sure you rest. Taking a nap during the day can be helpful and a great way to get more energy! Also lack of sleep can cause more stress, headaches, and be a serious detriment to your health. Try dedicating at least 8 hours a night for sleep. You will not regret it! No one likes to be tired in the morning or unable to focus in class.

Don’t Get Discouraged
Your first year of college could be a huge transition for you all. It is important to stay motivated throughout the academic year despite the obstacles you may face in some of your classes. Sometimes things will not go as you may want them to, and that is okay. Sometimes you will have to adjust and adapt to the changes that may come.  Always remember you are here for a reason. Also keep in mind that tough times do not last but tough people do. You will be tested from all angles in college but as long as you stay focused on your overall goal nothing will stop you from achieving it. Stay prepared, stay motivated, work hard, and BEAR DOWN!

Get Involved
In these next couple of days, you will be meeting and getting to know more people than you could ever imagine. Take a step out of your comfort zone, but most importantly commit to the groups you liked most and learned the most from. College life can get hectic, so find a community on campus or in town that you can call your niche. Joining a community allows you to build a support network that is full of people who can be there for you when you need them. This alone has given me more direction, guidance, and motivation in all aspects of my life. Take a deep breath, don’t worry or panic because you’ll find a home away from home here.


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