Wilbur and Wilma: A Wildcat Welationship

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love Wilbur and Wilma, the U of A’s very own mascots?WWBLOG2WWBLOG3

These two are basically the life of the party at every event.


They appeal to those both young and old.


But do you know the true story of their relationship?


Was it love at first sight? Are they truly soulmates? Are they just settling? Let’s find out.

Well, as we all know, Wilbur was our first Wildcat mascot. He first appeared November 7th, 1959 at a football game against Texas Tech. He was an instant hit. He was the coolest cat at the game.


Over the years, Wilbur struggled being on his own.

He experienced  many internal and external changes, as most college student do, amiright?WWBLOG6WWBLOG4

He tried to fulfill his life by traveling, meeting new friends, and changing up his look. But there was still something missing.


Wilbur was stuck searching for something else in his life.                   WWBLOG7

Wilbur’s friend (maybe you’ve heard of him…) had an idea for a match made in heaven.


Her name was Wilma.


Wilma first appeared on March 1st, 1986.


She was set up on a blind date with Wilbur.


They hit it off instantly! Although Wilbur did have to fight for her…


They fell in love so quickly, in fact, that they got married on November 21st, 1986 – only a couple of months after meeting!WC1

Wilbur and Wilma have remained strong and steady through out the years, truly standing as a testament of love and commitment to U of A students all over.


Here’s to wishing Wilbur and Wilma a beautiful life together… and maybe some kittens in the near future.



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