Dissecting the Course Syllabus

12 Aug

Every class that you will take now until completion of your degree will present a syllabus that holds the answer to most of your inquiries about the course. If you think about it, syllabi are so important that your professors will most of the time dedicate the whole first day of class going over it. But trust me, that syllabus gains more importance as you continue throughout the course.

Whether you are taking Math120R, ENG102, or PSY352, you will notice that the syllabi are going to have a very similar format and should give you roughly the same amount of information about the course as any other.

A typical syllabus usually begins with a course description and expectations a professor may have, which can help you develop an understanding of the material the professor will be going over during the course of the semester and how he or she facilitates their class. In this section, your instructor will also provide a list of required textbooks and additional materials. Additionally, your syllabus will provide you information about when and where your professor’s or TA’s office are and how to contact them if you should have any questions. A grading scale and the total amount of points possible in the class are included in the syllabus as well. Many professors will often even include a day-by-day description for each class session, including due dates and times.

Finally, if you get lost at any point during the semester, reference back to your course syllabus and as always, don’t be afraid to ask questions (even if you think it may be a stupid one).



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