Looking Back: A Reflection on the Last Year

17 Aug

For some of you, being a part of ASA was an obligation you took on as part of a scholarship or a requirement for a class, for others, you did it because you wanted to learn more about campus. Either way, you got something out of it (at least we hope you did), but we, as your Peer Mentors, wanted to let you know what we enjoyed and got out of this experience.

One of the best parts about being a Peer Mentor for me was when one of my students asked me to write them a recommendation letter, and they actually got the job! This let me know that they trusted me and that they were using the things I taught them in workshop. Another great part of my job was the thanks students gave me after the semester. Knowing that I helped them in their pursuit to success really inspired me to continue being a Peer Mentor.

I got a great sense of joy from making the newsletter every week. I knew that not every student who received the letter had workshops and 1:1’s, so being able to help them just as much as I helped the students I met with in person was great. I hope that students were able to learn a lot about the campus and opportunities .

One of my favorite parts about being a Peer Mentor last year was seeing my students go out and use the tools we talked about in workshop or in the newsletters. Knowing that I actually helped them organize their lives gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Also, knowing that they felt comfortable enough to come to me with their problems was a very gratifying experience, and knowing that the advice or life experience I shared with them helped them solve their dilemma made the less exciting parts of my role worth it!

As you can see, you students made just as big an impact on our lives as we did on yours, just in different ways, and for that we want to thank you and wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

-Chrissy, Julian, and Casey


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