What’s in My Backpack?

26 Aug

As a college student, your backpack is everything! Who would’ve thought that an everyday item could play such a critical role in your daily college schedule? As for me, I like to travel light to stay comfortable throughout my long day of rigorous courses.

Let’s take a look inside and see what’s in my bag!


  1. Carmex lip balm: In college, first impressions are everything. Because of that I always try to make sure that I have lip balm on hand in case of an emergency (no one likes the feeling or look of chapped lips!). You always want to look presentable while going through your daily routine.


Laptop: Due to all of my online assignments throughout the school year, I always have my laptop with me.


Composition Notebooks: To take notes during lectures.


Pens, Pencils, & a Highlighter: How could I take notes without them?


Sticky Notes: Just in case I have to write a quick reminder down, or someone’s contact information, you get my drift.


Keys: I tend to lose my keys on a daily basis. By keeping them in my backpack, I know where they are at all times.


Graphing Calculator: Comes in handy during my Chemistry and Statistics class!


Wallet: Similar to my keys, I always tend to misplace my wallet and this has become a hassle in the past. So now I keep it in my backpack to avoid misplacing all of my IDs and debit cards.


Clicker: My clicker never leaves my backpack! I’ve let it home too many times in the past, losing out on class participation and attendance points. This item will be on backpack lockdown until I don’t need it anymore


And that’s my backpack! What do you keep in yours?


-Darius Amos

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