The TV Lied to You: 3 Truths About College

4 Sep

In most movies, college is depicted as nothing but students partying, going out, and living a stress-free life. This depiction is usually a lie. Although college is full of fun gatherings and great networking experiences, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Here are three ways that films fail to realistically depict college.

  1. Parties all. the. time.
    Many students come into college thinking that college will be full of partying everyday with no responsibilities.

 …When in reality, the workload from classes can be overwhelming enough to the point that going out is usually replaced with homework and studying for exams all night. Coffee is your best friend, not alcohol!


 2. The perfect relationship.
Movies and TV make it seem like everyone meets the love of their lives in college.


…But that’s not very common. College is all about networking and meeting new friends. It’s also a time when you grow up and really find out who you are. So if you start a relationship right at the beginning of freshman, you’re both very different people by the time you make it to graduation. And maybe you make it to the end of college, but are headed in different life directions. That’s okay. But on the bright side, you’ll meet new people and develop friendships that will last forever!


3. Tons of free time.
In college films, there’s always a scene of a group of students playing catch or throwing a frisbee on an open lawn.

…But in this case, this depiction is fairly true. Well at least at the University of Arizona, it is! The only exception is students are usually playing catch and out on the mall for exercise. Because there isn’t a whole lot of time, many students have to multitask and use the mall as a source for exercise and a breath of fresh air after a long day of classes.

I guess I can say that the moral of this blog is to not be fooled by what college looks like on the big screen. Although the college lifestyle is AMAZING, it also comes with a lot responsibilities throughout the school year. Ask a student who’s been here for a while – they’ll let you know.

-Darius Amos


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