Make Studying Interesting!

9 Sep

Do you ever get exhausted of being on campus that you just leave your homework for later in the day because you are just not feeling it? Read on to find out how to make studying interesting!

Invite your friends to go with you!


Studying can be exhausting and, believe it or not, your friends can keep you on task and may be able to answer questions that you have while studying. We all have different levels of knowledge and we do not have to be in the same courses to help one another out! Also, you can multitask and knock out studying and social time all at once! You can take breaks and have personal conversations to reduce the amount of stress that you are feeling! Friends are here for a reason.

Make sure to eat!


Yes, eat! We cannot focus if we don’t have food in our system. Food gives you the energy to go through your day with a positive attitude! If you want to save money, make sure to pack a meal and some snacks before leaving home.

Change your study area!


Don’t study in the same places. This can get very boring very fast! Try to explore campus. Did you know that there are several libraries and lounges on campus? Did you know that you can also reserve study rooms in the libraries? You could also go to a friend’s dorms and use their study rooms, just to mix it up a bit.

Make friends with those in your courses!


Do not be shy make friends in your courses! The easiest thing to do is greet your neighbor and introduce yourself. Exchange numbers just to keep one another up-to-date in case one of you misses class. This will feel rewarding when midterms and finals come around and you need to form study groups. If it is a course required for your major it is most likely that you will see them again and again!

Go explore off campus!


Try driving or biking downtown or near campus to different cafes. Most offer free wifi and you will be surprised to see how many students take advantage of them. I find cafes extremely relaxing and soothing, especially if you like coffee or need it to stay awake.

Reward yourself afterwards!

kim kardashian animated GIF

The most addicting thing for a college student to have is social media. I use it as a reward and so should you. Try it! Set a goal for yourself and once you meet it, let yourself enjoy an episode or two of Netflix before bed. This will allow you to go to bed thinking of something else other than your homework.

Make sure to pack everything you will need!


The worst feeling is getting to your study area and then realizing that you forgot your textbooks or laptop charger back at home. This interrupts your motivation to get your homework done. Avoid that feeling by  double checking that you have everything that you will need with you!



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