Beat Boredom: Take Interesting Classes!

20 Sep

If you ever talk about past classes with friends, 9 times out of ten, your friends will as you, “Was it interesting?” As college students, we’re always on the lookout for classes that will keep us awake and motivated to head to class every day. When the question comes up, you will either “Yeah, it was actually really interesting, I enjoyed taking it” or, less convincingly, “Yeah it was interesting…”

supernatural animated GIF

I wanted to share my experience in an exceptionally interesting general education course I took my freshman year that I enjoyed a lot. In Classical Mythology, I learned all about the myths of the famous Greek gods and goddess. During class, our professor would recite  (it was kind of like story time!) the myths and legends related to the some of the most famous gods and goddess that we still talk about today.

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We learned about Hermes, Hercules, Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, Achilles (learned about why we call it Achilles’ heel!), Poseidon, and Zeus.  Along with the myths, I remember learning about the symbols that represent the gods and goddesses. We gained more in-depth knowledge about what each symbol meant, what it represents, and why it is related to that particular god or goddess.

During lectures, our professor would include slides of famous paintings in his presentations. Many times these paintings would depict a scene from a myth that we were learning about. It allowed you to gain more understanding of the god and the myth itself.

Now you’ve heard about one of my favorite classes from my freshman year! As you move forward, don’t be afraid to ask other students what classes they liked best and ways be willing to share your favorites, too!


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