#StudiousSeptember: The Big Switch

21 Sep

This September I decided to be studious and treat myself with a new MacBook Air as an early birthday present to myself. I was blown away with the design of the Mac Book Air since I was hauling around a 15-pound computer to and from school every single day! Thinking of the lightness of the Mac was life changing!  I did not take the time to think about the software and the fact that I was raised using a PC. I didn’t take a second to think about anything!

For some odd reason, I didn’t want to open it once I got it. It took me a while to process the fact that I was going to be letting go of what I was familiar with and starting with a whole new operating system. I started to question if I had made a good decision or if I was setting myself up for failure this semester. Eventually, I overcame my fear and I decided to start up my new computer. Within the first fifteen minutes of using the computer, I was unable to connect to the WiFi and was already frustrated. I went to the customer service center downstairs in the bookstore and sure enough they fixed my problem. I was happy and confident that that would be the only issue. Little did I know, my nightmare was not over.

I was on the phone for forty-five minutes with Apple support that same evening because my iMessages did not want to work. It kept telling me to reset my password for iCloud and once I finished that process I would try to log back in and it would tell me to reset it once again. To top it off, I was on my way home and had to drive back to campus to get WiFi signal in order to screen share with Apple. The worst part of this is the fact that the problem did not get resolved until 24-hours later.

After the issue was resolved, I was excited to finally be able to use my laptop. But then I ran into an tried to copy and paste an image from the internet. I was shocked that I didn’t know how to do such a simple task that I said to myself “That’s it I am re-packing the laptop and returning it.” Everyone at work told me that I would get the hang of it and just to keep trying. That same day, I went to class and my professor announced that Macs would not work for the software we needed for class.

At this point I finally decided to ask experienced Mac users how to do all of the simple tasks.  This journey has been a challenge. After only two weeks of having the laptop I finally got the hang of it and have decided to keep it, despite the fact that I have called Apple Support literally ten times!


-Vanessa Galarza

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