An Unpleasant Surprise

26 Sep

I thought that being a senior meant that choosing classes I like would be easy. I thought I knew the ropes. I was so very wrong. Here at the University of Arizona, most students choose their classes based on their requirements and the course description on UAccess. That’s exactly how I do it, and I had never been led astray, until now.

One of my courses seemed really interesting on paper, but when the first class started, I just knew it would be different. The professor is tremendousåly knowledgeable about the subject and oozes passion. I enjoy having instructors like this because it makes the class more exciting, except for when it is combined with a different organizational style than I am used to. Because this course is at a 400 level and I have never taken a class on this subject before, I have been having a tough time. I have taken upper division classes before that have given me trouble, but not like this.

The professor prefers not to use PowerPoint and does not post lecture notes, two things many of my previous instructors have done. I realize that I have been spoiled by the professors in my major, and that my issues with the course are of my own doing. That is why I have chosen to work my butt off and pass the class with flying colors. In order to do this, I must read the textbook, along with all the additional background readings that the professor has provided. I must start the homework early so that I can go to office hours if I need help. I must go to all the lectures, pay attention, and ask clarifying questions. I am not used to asking questions in class or going to office hours, but those are things I must do to succeed in this class. I am determined to not let this course beat me. This is my time to Bear Down.

Sometimes the classes we choose are not what we expected them to be. In those moments, it’s important to make a choice: do you give up or work hard and kick butt? I chose to kick butt.


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