#StudiousSeptember: Mastering The Perfect Cat Eye

29 Sep

I have been doing my makeup since I was 16 years old. During that time I have discovered the glory that is makeup and the wonders it can do. This is not to say that I wake up every morning with the sole intention of leaving the house looking like a completely different person, but it does give me a certain portion of my morning when I only have to focus on myself. In some ways, to me, makeup is therapeutic.


Given this information, you would think that I’d be the Yoda of cosmetics. No. There are plenty of makeup techniques that I not only do not understand, but I also cannot accomplish. Out of the various tasks that fall into this category, the cat eye eyeliner is at the top of my list. No amount of attempts or any high magnification mirror could help me master this edgy makeup look…that is until now.

eyeliner 1

For Studious September I took it upon myself to do the impossible. First I had to choose the best eyeliner for the task. I was surprised by the variety of eyeliner available in the makeup world. Everything from liquid, pencil, to gel! After much consideration (not really) I decided to go with the good ole gel liner.

Now came the hard part…actually making the line. I grabbed my magnifying mirror and a pulled up a YouTube video and went at it for about an hour. I tried the tape method (using the edge of tape as a sort of guide along the eye), the business card method (same concept as the tape) and even tugged on the corner of my eye in any attempt to make this goal possible.

eyeliner 3

Right when I was about to give up on all hope, something happened. I decided to try to make the line freehand. Without the use of gadgets and gizmos I tilted my head and let my brush do its own thing. To my surprise it worked! Who would have guessed that the secret to the perfect cat eye was not tricks or cheats but practice?! At the end of the day all that matters is that I am ready to complete any fierce look now that I have mastered the perfect stroke.

eyeliner 2-Zuri Torres

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