#StudiousSeptember: Driving To Target

30 Sep

Seems like daily occurence right? Of course it is! I mean, who doesn’t like taking a nice trip to Target? I certainly will find any reason to get in the car and drive over to the nearest one. And by car I mean, my boyfriend’s car, and by drive I mean, have my boyfriend drive. And this is how it’s been for almost eight months now. Yes, I’ve been a perpetual passenger for over half a year now. Whether it’s to campus, Barnes and Noble, or Applebee’s, it’s Patrick driving and me sitting right next to him changing the radio station.

tumblr_inline_nuj1zwly1O1r40my5_500And the reason being is due to a series of unfortunate evens; health concerns and not owning a car being the primary offenders. It eventually came to the point where I was too scared to get behind the wheel again, I was convinced that I had forgotten how to drive! tumblr_m3i644M8fg1r3anqjo1_500So one night, as we were locking up the front door with an image of Target crystal clear in our minds, Patrick turns to me and says “Wanna drive?” Granted, he’s asked this same question many times before and each time I shoot him down without a second thought. But this time was different, this time I wanted to prove that I have driver’s license jammed into my wallet for a reason!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-17652-1395196617-4“Eh, why not?” I said, and grabbed the keys to his 2004 Buick Century, get into the driver’s side and plopped my purse onto his lap. I’m so nervous at this point that I have to double check which pedal is the brake and which pedal is the gas. I also checked to see that the car was in reverse four times before I could even think of lifting my foot off the break. But once I did my nerves quickly began to fade. I slowly pulled out of the driveway, shifted back into neutral and it all came back to me!

tumblr_m5q7ajwTv91qaliojo1_500Though I do admit, my driving wasn’t the smoothest and I probably asked “can I go now?” at least 5 times to my boyfriend on that trip to Target, but we made it there and back without any accidents or tears. And I call that victory! So I’ve decided that I will continue practicing so I can become a good driver again, and maybe eventually learn how to drive a stick. So Tucson…you better watch out. Seriously.




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