#StudiousSeptember: Kitchen Fails

30 Sep

For Studious September this month I decided to try making something new in my crock pot. I traditionally make crock pot dishes almost once a week or so. Earlier this month, I was very excited when I saw Campbell’s began a brand of crock pot sauces that you just put over the meat in the crock pot and let it cook away for 6 to 8 hours. Last week I decided to buy the buffalo chicken one and make it.

As excited as I was, I thought this Buffalo Chicken was going to be the best thing I have ever made, but much to my disappointment, it wasn’t! The sauce was gross. The worst part is that the recipe called for 3 pounds of chicken, and those 3 pounds of chicken practically went to waste. I did in fact learn a new lesson from this awful crockpot meal, and that is to try the sauce first before I throw it all over 3 pounds of chicken.

Next time I decide to experiment with buffalo chicken I will buy my favorite buffalo sauce from the store and slather it on chicken. And I also learned to stay away from the Campbell’s crockpot brand. It was a disappointment to see food go to waste but now I know to never make it again.



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