#StudiousSeptember: A Rollerblading Success Story

1 Oct

Learning how to balance on 8 wheels may be second nature to most people. But, when you’re clumsy and uncoordinated like myself, just being able to stand up on roller blades is a difficult task to accomplish. But, after giving up for many years, I decided to try again and learn how to roller blade!

It may seem so silly that I wanted to learn something that I failed at as a kid. But, I wanted to prove to myself that I can succeed in anything I put my mind to. So, off to the store I went and bought the first pair of roller blades that caught my eye.

When I got home I slipped on my shiny new roller blades and stood up. Boom! I went back to the ground as gracefully as possible and visualized my childhood all over again. I started to think, “Why even try, there’s no hope.” However, after several failed attempts to gain my balance, I finally got it! What an amazing feeling that was. I felt like a boss. Feeling confident, I deiced to take my rollerblading skills to the next level.

I went out of my house and walked onto the street grabbing whatever I could to keep my balance just in case. The moment of truth was about to reveal itself. Now on the sidewalk, I tried to actually skate. Bam! The ground is my friend once more. My next attempt I tried to skate while holding onto the sidewalk rail and I was more successful then.

After about an hour, I finally learned how to skate! Even though I am still not amazing at rollerblading and fall often, I finally learned how to do something I failed miserably at as a kid. What an achievement!


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