#StudiousSeptember: My Dangerous and Exhilarating New Skill

1 Oct

This month, I decided to learn how to longboard. The process of learning is dangerous but exhilarating at the same time! My friend and current roommate this year is the one who encouraged me to learn and we practiced in the parking lot behind Graham-Greenlee. She let me borrow her board and stood there and laughed every time I fell or tripped (like a true friend…).justin animated GIF

It was painful. Did I mention I was (unwisely) wearing my favorite pair of jeans?  Little by little, I started to fall less, gain more balance, and ride faster. Now I can ride around campus and get to classes in a flash. All with no problems – except those stubborn rocks that get stuck under your board and send you flying. Now my friend and I go longboarding and try to do “tricks.” This usually just leads to me falling off. I never thought longboarding could be so fun and useful! I use it to destress and as campus transportation.art animated GIF

What are ways you like to de-stress?


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