#StudiousSeptember: Twists and Turns

1 Oct

You know that one skill you have always wanted to learn? Maybe it was how to properly Dougie, maybe it was how to tie the perfect fisherman’s knot. For me it was ice skating, unfortunately for me, Arizona does not provide ample ice, so there is no way for me to learn how to do that…yet. Another thing I have always wanted to learn was how to french braid hair so that it would look like this.

French Braid 1

Luckily my roommate has been more than helpful in this endeavor, and has provided me with her gorgeous hair to practice this new skill. I tried to learn this in a couple different ways, the first was through my roommate’s mom. I have seen her french braid my roommate’s hair countless times, but she lives in Phoenix and somehow the instructions did not make sense over the phone.

French Braid 2

My next attempt at learning this skill was of course the internet. I tried watching YouTube videos that take you step by step, but these went too fast for me. I tend to take a little longer to grasp a new skill. For those of you who do learn like this, here is a good, relatively simple video!

Erika 1

My last hope was a diagram. Now this learning method is not for everyone, but I find this kind of teaching to be the most helpful when I am learning a skill with my hands. It allows me to go as fast or as slow as I need to and I can constantly look at the pictures to make sure I am doing something right. Here is the link to the diagram I used: http://www.wikihow.com/French-Braid

Erika 2Overall I am proud of the french braid I made. While it might not be the prettiest or the straightest, it is a good place to start and build my skills off of.

Erika 3


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