Tips & Tricks for Relaxing During Mid-Terms

1 Oct

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you feeling the heat of mid-terms?

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Well today is your lucky day. I’ve got some tips & tricks on how to relax that will help turn down that mid-term stress!

Tip #1: Study Breaks

Studying is fun and all, but don’t be afraid to take small breaks here and there to help clear your mind. Mid-terms contain a lot of information and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do. There are a few things I like to do to clear my head a bit. Sometimes all I need a short playlist of songs that I love and I just close my eyes for a bit. A quick social media break is just perfect too. Something as simple as that will help you clear your mind. Just as long as you don’t go on Netflix because you’ll be there for hours, let’s be honest! Plus taking study breaks is also a good way to see if you actually remember everything you’re learning – can you remember everything when you come back to it?

Tip #2: Study Groups

One thing that I personally like to do when mid-terms, finals, or really just any test comes up is to form a study group with people. Now you may be thinking, “Well I don’t know anyone in my class to study with” and all I have to say to that is that you don’t need to form a study group with people who are in your class. I really enjoy going to the library with a group of friends while we all study for different classes together. With everyone else working around you, it helps you keep your mind focused. And since you’ll be there with some friends, you’ll keep the stress at bay. But study groups are also a good way to meet new people, so don’t be afraid of asking others in your class if they want to study with you!

Tip #3: Head to the Gym

Something that definitely makes me feel less stressed about school (or anything else going in life) is to go to the gym. It’s a great way to relax your brain and just focus on yourself. When feeling stressed, many people have to take it out on something to find relief. Going to the gym is the perfect place to go for that because you don’t have to take it out on anyone else – it all goes towards yourself in a healthy way. I like to go for a run and jam to my workout playlist that is full of fire and it takes my mind off of everything that I have going on.

As fun and tedious as studying is, remember that you come first! When you’re feeling stressed, put the study guides and books down and just do you. Do things that make YOU happy and once you’re feeling more relieved jump back into it. I wish you all the best of luck on your exams to come! You can do it!

-Ryan Maldonado

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