Registration Horror Story

9 Oct

Let’s be honest, no one looks forward to waking up before 6am to register for classes. Although I had all my classes prepared and my laptop ready for when the clock hit 6, everything that could go wrong, did. First of all, my number one mistake was registering off campus. Although I lived in the dorms, I decided to go to my house the night before and register there. Because I was much further away from the servers on campus, I should have known my odds of getting all the classes I wanted were slim.

So, here I was waking up at 5:45am like everyone had told me to do so. Once I got my laptop all fired up, I went onto UAccess and into my enrollment shopping cart. From about every 30 seconds from 5:55-5:59am I was refreshing my page just to make sure nothing would go wrong with my computer.

When the clock finally hit 5:59, I began watching the seconds count down and had my mouse over the enroll button. Finally, 6am hits and I pressed on the mouse! All of a sudden my page reloaded and told me to select the courses I wanted to enroll in. Oh my gosh, of course! My smart self didn’t know that I actually had to press the select button on the courses before hitting enroll!

Angrily rushing to hit select for all my courses I tried again and this time the website crashed! Ughhh! I tried again, and again, until 30 minutes later had passed and all the classes I had chosen were filled. I spent the next two hours relooking for classes I could take to meet my requirements for my major. Eventually I had a schedule made.

My new schedule was made with the only classes that were left (which included 8am classes). So, I ended up getting none of the classes that I wanted to take and my schedule was far from ideal. Luckily, I learned from my mistake. Now, when it comes to registering for classes I know to be on campus with my laptop ready and to have my mouse clicking skills warmed up. My advice to you is, hit select on your courses before hitting enroll!

Just remember not to hit refresh at 6am – the whole website will load extremely slowly, but it’s just because thousands of students are trying to register for classes at that exact moment. If you hit refresh, you’ll end up at the back of the “line” to register and it will take you longer!

Best of luck, Wildcats! Here’s hoping that you get your desired courses!


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