The Need for Speed

28 Oct

When my father was younger, he participated in numerous races and received about a million trophies during his racing career. As my parents grew up and decided to start a family, they were always about dirt bikes, quads and sand rails, until I was born. When my brother was starting the third grade, we sold all of our fun toys and moved into northern Tucson. Even though I personally did not grow up with dirt bikes, I have always been interested in them and I have dreamed about going out into the dunes. Unfortunately I never have had the opportunity. Once I met my boyfriend, Casey, I finally had the chance to go dirt bike riding.

Growing up in Oregon, Casey was raised on a dirt bike and quads. His family would always go out to tracks and open areas where they could all go on their bikes. Once Casey moved down to Tucson, he kept his beloved two-stroke Yamaha but he had limited time to ride. He and I decided to dedicate one day to go out to Sonoita, Arizona to ride his dirt bike.

Once we got into the open area after the long drive in Casey’s ‘87 Chevy Suburban, I was excited to unhook his dirt bike and to take a ride on it with him. After unhooking the dirt bike from the trailer, he gets into his riding gear and starts her up. The roar of the bike takes me off guard and I flinch as he laughs at my reaction. He assures me that he would be right back and he rides until I can’t see him anymore but I still hear the engine. He comes back, lifts his helmet up and he has the biggest smile on his face.


With the engine still on, he yells, “hop on” and I rush over to him. I nervously get on the back of his huge bike and I gave him the go ahead. He revs up the engine and we instantly take off. The jerk of the bike stuns me but I break out into a loud laugh and I have a huge grin on my face. “This is incredible,” I think to myself and soon we are flying up and down hills, leaving a trail of dust behind us. We speed around and we finally end back at the ‘burban. He shuts off the bike and I jump off the bike and start dancing around. My adrenalin is pumping and I am feeling amazing. Casey gets off of his bike and of course is laughing at my reaction. I rush up to him and hug him, still dancing. I thank him a million times and say “again, again”! He simply smiles and is happy that I had so much fun on the back of his bike.

We take a break for a short time to eat lunch and I am still raving about the ride we took together. Mid-way eating our sandwiches, Casey looks over and asks, “Do you want to learn how to ride?” Of course I do!  Because his bike is a bit too large for me, I sit at the front of the bike with him behind me. He explains I need to know: shifting, the clutch, gas, and the brakes. After we get on, he starts it up and tells me what I need to do first. I try to let go of the clutch and give it gas and it dies. He assures me that it is normal and I try again. After two more times of the engine dying, I finally get it!

After a few seconds of riding, he tells me that I need to shift. I get it the first time and keep on going. His hands slowly let go of the handlebars and I am in full control. I swiftly move the handlebars and steer and constantly ask if I am doing everything correctly. We keep on riding and I feel like I am flying. The surrounding area starts moving faster and faster and I gun it a few times. The engine is perfectly purring and I feel like I am on top of the entire world.IMG_3561

After awhile, we decide to go back to the truck and Casey is shocked that I got the hang of it so quickly. We both are tired and sweaty in all our gear, so we decide that it’s time to go. We both agreed, without any hesitation, that we need to keep riding.  I decided that I want to get a dirt bike for myself so I can ride alongside Casey instead of one of us being on the back, so I’m saving up to buy one for myself! 



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