Busy as a Bee

8 Nov

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose parents always insisted that I stayed busy while in school. During high school, it was always about doing extracurricular activities or being in a sport. This continued through college, where my parents encouraged me to get a job. But I knew that in my first year of college, I wanted to focus completely on my academics. I thought it was strange that my parents wanted me to do more activities that would steer me away from my courses. Honestly, I thought that they just wanted me out of the house and doing something productive with my time rather than just wasting my time. I did not realize that they were thinking about my academics while insisting I stay busy, but from my experience, I can say staying busy made my grades stronger than ever.

When it came to my second year of college, I decided that I was adjusted to college life and the workload that goes along with it. I took on a job that required me to work 15 hours a week and I would babysit on every weekend as well as play volleyball every Friday night. On top of this, I had 5 classes a week with a ton of homework as well as juggling a social life. At first, I thought that I was nuts try this. But I jumped right in and immediately felt like I was spreading myself way too thin. The only day I had for myself was Sunday. It was very hard for me to adjust to this jam-packed schedule, but after a month, I realize that I was doing it with ease. As time goes by, every week seems easier and goes by twice as fast as the last one.

I now have a routine schedule. I get up at 6:45 every day and attend classes by 8. I go to work after all my classes are finished and am home around 4 each day. I have an ample amount of time to finish all of my homework and even sometimes get future homework done. Then when the sun starts to set, that is time I have for my boyfriend, my friends, and me. I have gotten into a routine that helped me manage my time a lot better than I ever had. Now I feel like I have a great handle on my grades and by the end of this year, hopefully have the highest GPA that I have had in my college career.

A lot of students think that taking on a lot of responsibility will make their grades go down, but that hasn’t been my experience. I am the happiest I have ever been and feel like I feel like I have a purpose to my days. I have decided to stay busy as a bee to reach my goals and be successful. I challenge you to become a bee as well. You never know the great outcomes it could bring unless you try!


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