#NovembertoRemember: Thankful for Thanksgiving

9 Nov

November has never been my favorite month. Many unfortunate things have happened to my family and me each year within the same month. It’s a shame because I quite like Thanksgiving – I love the food, and I love the atmosphere. But this holiday just so happens to be when the “bad thing” happened last year. I suppose it may be considered more funny than unfortunate but it was incredibly embarrassing nonetheless. Let’s just say I was meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time and I made quite the impression.

This year, we are once again spending Thanksgiving at his parent’s house. But my goal is to make sure nothing bad happens again, I want to make this second impression a good one! This way, I can remember November for a positive reason rather than a negative one. Now I will list the little goals that I wish to achieve during this upcoming Thanksgiving break:

1) I will pack everything that I will need! Even though Bisbee is only a little over an hour away, I don’t want to regret not grabbing an extra sweater or packing more than one pair of socks. Last year I wasn’t all that prepared for the colder climate so enjoying the sights in the evening was a bit painful.


2) I will complete any homework assignments I may have before Thanksgiving break. I did not do this last year so I spend half of the break worrying about finishing my work rather than getting to fully immerse myself in the holiday festivities.


3) I will get enough sleep and follow a healthy diet. Last year I barely slept and I skipped a lot of meals. And when I didn’t skip meals, I ate poorly. So the day after Thanksgiving I suddenly started to feel sick and ended up staying in bed for the entire day. I was miserable and afraid to get anyone else sick so I stayed and missed out on some fun.


4) I will take my medication consistently and on time. I’m epileptic and I have to take pills to prevent me from having seizures. And last year, I actually missed one of my pills and ended up having a seizure on their bathroom floor. My boyfriend’s dad is a doctor, so he even came home from work to check on me. This was both sweet, but very embarrassing for me.

tumblr_mxye8rVLPG1r6obhzo1_2505) I will not try to stress too much about how I act around his family. And I don’t mean I’m planning on being rude and a terrible guest. I just don’t want to be terrified to ask simple questions; “Is it okay if I pour myself a cup of juice?” “Is it okay if I take a shower?” I won’t be scared to ask this time because I know his parents a lot better so I should be comfortable in their home right?


Some of these may sound silly, but I truly believe that the little things will make the biggest difference in how we experience something. So, wish me luck! I would really like to break this bad luck streak so I can remember this November in a good way.


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