How to Succeed this Spring

10 Nov

Freshman registration has come and gone. Spring registration opens up an entirely new experience for college freshmen- choosing your own classes and building your own schedule!

This is great because you really get to study what you find interesting, especially with your choice of gen ed classes!

Of course, you do have categories to fill, like natural sciences, traditions and cultures, and humanities. But there are classes that you would never expect fit into those categories. I once took a class about social media. There are classes like hip-hop cinema. There are just tons of interesting things available to learn about.

My favorite gen ed was Astronomy (ASTR 170B1). I was just so fascinated with everything that goes on in our universe and how everything works together.

To really be successful in a class, it helps if you actually find the content interesting. Make sure you go to every lecture, because missing information can really hurt you on exams. Also make sure that you complete all homework assignments, because that practice will help you succeed on your exams and boost your grade!

Most of all, enjoy learning about new and interesting things!



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