#NovemberToRemember: Giving Back

17 Nov

Growing up, volunteering was very common for me. Sadly, entering my senior year that changed and I was caught up doing things like worrying about senior pictures, prom, and applying to different colleges. Nothing changed when I graduated, I still didn’t have time to give back to the community. I was now caught up with work and that “college life.”

This November, I finally had the opportunity to do something for others. I had to opportunity to be part of an event that took place in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. Over four hundred people attended the event. As weird as it sounds, I was invited along with my puppet (I am a ventriloquist) to perform for the kids. Perlita and I shared a message on values and virtues. It was nice to see the kids’ faces and hear their side conversations as the ask things like “the puppet is talking.”  After I finished my presentation, kids lined up to take pictures with me and my dear friend Perlita.

This was a great experience and I look forward to helping out in events such as this one. Also, I truly recommend all of you to find events such as this and give back. You will realize that you will help yourself more than other people.



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