Darius’s Awesome Study Break Ideas

18 Nov

We all know how overwhelming studying can be. Starting off, you feel motivated and anxious to review all of the material for your exam. Then after 30 minutes, you’re constantly getting distracted by your tv or cell phone. Studying can be 10x easier with the help of a little time management. Here are some helpful techniques that can get you through a whole day of studying without flipping your desk over:


  • Segments of Free Time: It’s okay to check your phone every once in a while, just not too often. Create time segments for yourself in the midst of your study session to give yourself a little break from all of your studying.


  • Take a Nap!: One of the worst things you can do while studying for a big test is forcing yourself to study while tired. It will not help whatsoever and most likely you won’t fully absorb the material. It is better to take a nap and come back to the material later than to review material without being fully conscious.charles
  • Keep the momentum going!: Just because you’re taking a break doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the material you’ve covered. While taking a break, keep the material fresh in your mind. Try to relate the material to your study break activity.


  • Relaaaaaxxx! : After successful studying, reward yourself with some real free time. Take a break, relax, watch some movies, anything to decrease the stress for your upcoming test. You’ve prepared yourself well enough and deserve some free time.HSThat’s all folks! Hope these techniques were helpful and get you through these stressful weeks of exams. As always, work hard, bear down, and knock those exam scores out of the park! And if anyone asks if you are nervous for your exams, simply reply…FloydMoneyMayweather

-Darius Amos


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