Tips and Tricks for Studying

22 Nov

Learning and adopting study habits that work for your individual learning style can be hard considering we all learn differently. Throughout college, I have tried several study techniques and some worked while others didn’t. Here are some of the ways that worked for me and hopefully help you as well!

Highlighting is key. During lectures, highlight information that is emphasized and important to know. Highlighting the information during lecture will help you narrow down the information later and dwindle down the amount of note cards you make later. Then you can focus on what is important.

NOTE CARDS ARE GOLD. Note cards are an awesome way to quiz yourself and see if you actually know the information or are merely reading off the lecture slides. I have found that making note cards after each lecture makes life a lot easier when that exam is coming up versus trying to make all the note cards two days before.

Taking anatomy last semester was tough! I found that printing out pictures of structures really helped me with memorizing the different areas of the body. I would print out the structure and try to label all the different areas correctly until I mastered it.

The sooner you figure out what study habits work for you, the better! Remember to stay on top of the information given to you and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Make life easier on yourself and plan ahead. Happy studying!


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